About Gashta Sanat Mashhad 

لوح های تقدیر و مدارک

About us :

About us : Gashtasanat Mashhad Company started its activities in 1998 in order to provide specialized services in the field of historic machines. In the following years, he expanded his activities by making Shrink Pak Packages, packaging, air curtains and distribution devices for the country’s packaging industry, and has been continuously active in the industry since then. Gashta sanat Mashhad Company has been trying to provide its customers with quality new products, services and desirable services, and now it is proud of our activities in the second decade that our company’s machines are located in the parts of our beloved country and the countries of Armenia, Iraq , Afghanistan, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, the UK, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Turkmenistan, and is more capable of providing services to the country’s industries than the past, with more diverse products.

Gashtasanat Mashhad Company believes that the main capital of this company is its customers and satisfaction of customers is possible only by creating a dynamic environment, full of effort and adherence to the following professional principles.
• Integrity and ethical obligations
• Provide the best, strong service and support
• Modern organization and efficient management
• Skill and Experiences
• Continuing training of personnel

Gashtasanat Mashhad Industry is welcoming all customers who believe in the above beliefs and always meet customer satisfaction in order to improve their professional knowledge and ability and do not know how to sell the customer to the end. We hope to be on the path to excellence and improvement.

Managing Director: Mohammad Bahadori