The products of Goshta Sanat Mashhad Company include 99 products in 7 categories as follows:

Types of packaging machines – The most numerous group of products is the group of packaging machines and has 46 different products in this field.
Types of Shrink Pack devices _ The category of Shrink Pack types has 16 types of Shrink Pack products with different models.
Types of Target Machine Devices – There are 17 types of products with different uses.
Types of air curtain devices Air curtain _ The number of air curtain products in this pistachio is 5.
Types of Jet Printer Devices _ Category Jet Printer Devices There are 7 types of products with different technologies.
Types of filling and bottle washing machines – This product group has 3 different products in the field of filling and bottle washing.
Other devices and types of conveyor belts – This group has 5 different products, including different types of conveyor belts, etc.