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Introduction and technical specifications of inkjet date devices | Ink historian

History Female solid ink is a type of date printing machine that uses solid ink or dry ink to print any code. This printing dries very quickly and has a clear and desirable quality. Solid ink woman history machines are capable of printing nylon opp, pp, metallized on all coatings and packaging films of different materials. span>

Performance of Ink Historical Devices

The operation of these devices is as follows: Ink, after a relatively short time, the ink heats up and the machine is ready to set up and enter the code.

Advantages of using solid female ink history:

The advantages of solid ink female history machines include the following:

  • Use dry ink and do not need solvent
  • Can be installed on packaging machines including single-digit packaging machine, filler and adhesive label and roll-up
  • Very high speed and accuracy when printing
  • Very low maintenance cost of solid inkjet date machines
  • Ability to print in different colors and non-toxic
  • Fast print drying and high print quality
  • Ability to print horizontally or vertically
  • The price of a woman’s date is very reasonable and economical.

types of solid ink historians:

Solid ink history insertors are produced in various models, these types of historians are among the most widely used models. And in most packaging machines, this type of female history machine is used, from a variety of models of this type of female history:

1_ History of high-speed women

2_ History of the roller woman

3_ History of automatic label women

4_ تاریخ زن اتوماتیک جعبه

The fastest solid ink machine in history:

One of the fastest devices in the history of the ink woman is the high-speed dry ink machine. This machine is one of the fastest machines in the history of women produced by Goshta Sanat Mashhad and the printing speed of this machine reaches 400 prints per minute.

Applications of solid ink historians:

These devices for inserting production date, expiration date, price, etc. on boxes, nylon, paper, bags They are used in packaging and are used in food, pharmaceutical, health and cosmetic industries, etc.

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