heat shrink labeling machine (GSM-1220 )

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heat shrink labeling machine (GSM-1220 )

heat shrink labeling machine (GSM-1220 ) allows for a variety of product requirements like Foods & beverages , Cosmetic & Herbals Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries ,Dairy , Agriculture and Oil Industries . when your products require labeling, this system meets demands with precision and speed.simply put your lables on product. Then Bottle conveyor leads the products to heating tunnel .

Features :

  1. Equipped with inverter for adjusting conveyor speed
  2. Optional steam heat shrink tunnel or electric heat shrink tunnel
  3. Speed changes and label height are easy to adjust
  4. Optional full body or bottle Neck and Cap Banding
  5. High quality , high eficeincy
380v /50 hz Voltage
220-240 V Power
2500-6000 pcs/h Sleeve Speed (based on cut length
40-400 °C Temperature
3000 × 450×900 mm Machines dimension
145 kg Weight


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