Manual carton printer (GSM-99-520)


Manual carton printer (GSM-99-520)

Manual carton printer (GSM-99) is an easy way to printing information (production date, expiration date, price,) on large carton, wood and, heavy, and cumbersome packages.

These printers run smoothly along materials in a straight line. The inking system consists of a rechargeable ink cartridge, which can be used for porous and non-porous surfaces.


  • The most convenient & easy way to use marker for regular printing on cartons, large and heavy packages.
  • printing is very clean and clear
  • Equipped with Persian and English types
  • Customized Arabic types is available
  • Affordable and economical

Technical parameters

Model GSM-99-520
Printing method By flexography ink transfer cylinder
Printing speed 30 pcs/min
Printing  Area 98× 355 mm (customized )
Printing line 1-4 line
Characters  Height 20 mm
Weight 1  kg



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