Microprocessor Jet Printer

دستگاه جت پرینتر ریزنگار مدل GSM-710 نوع جدید جت پرینترهای موجود در دنیا می باشد، که بر اساس تکنولوژی CIJطراحی و ساخته شده است .در این مدل دستگاه ها نیازی به شستشوی هد به صورت دستی نمی باشدو شستشو به صورت تمام اتومات و بدون دخالت دست انجام می شود.


GSM-710 microprocessor jet printer:

The GSM-710 microprocessor jet printer is a new type of jet printer available in the world, which is designed and manufactured based on CIJ technology. In this model, the devices do not need to wash the head manually and the washing is done completely automatically and without the intervention of the hand. Printing on the product dries immediately after insertion and the distance between the head and the product can be increased up to 3 cm. This device can be installed on various production lines of food, pharmaceutical, health, industrial, etc. industries to insert different codes such as production, expiration, barcode, clock, etc. in different sizes.

Advantages of GSM-710 microprocessor jet printer:

Automatic washing system

Equipped with error printing system in printing

It has a nozzle with a product design that does not require holding the head for a long time.

Technical specifications of jet printer:

Model GSM-710
Proper heat of operation  

0-45. C

Input voltage 240Vac 50-60 HZ
Number of print lines 1-4 lines
Print width 1-12 mm
Maximum print speed 450 m / min
Dimensions of the device 410*330*445 mm
Device weight 17 Kg


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