A) Site rules and regulations :

The rules and regulations of the site, the use of Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store means that you fully agree with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The purchase of goods from Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store is based on the existing laws and regulations in e-commerce and in full compliance with all the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  2. The services and contents of this site are provided for the personal and non-commercial use of customers, and the intellectual property of the information contained in it belongs to this store, and any misuse of this information is subject to legal prosecution.
  3. Information about the technical specifications of the goods provided by reputable external, internal and specialized sources of this collection has been collected and we are updating and completing them daily. do.
  4. Users are required to enter the correct complete information in the database when ordering goods. Obviously, the lack of information will prevent the correct and timely completion of the order.
  5. Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store does not accept any responsibility for the operation of the site, which can be caused by factors outside the management area of ​​this site (such as internet defects, telecommunication issues, hardware equipment, etc.).
  6. All the tools that are used in Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store with the aim of communicating with customers are designed for this purpose only and users are committed to using this tool only to send and receive information that is appropriate and relevant to the discussion of ordering goods. Be.
  7. Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store is connected to users through www.gashtasanat.com and is done only by using the information that users have entered on the site (such as address, phone, etc.).
  8. Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store will not in any way transfer the unique information of users to non-assigned persons and parties, and at the same time, by using the latest technologies, it is committed to protecting the privacy of users as much as possible.
    B) Terms and conditions of goods sales services :

From a legal point of view, in the transactions of Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store, www.gashtasanat.com is considered as the seller and the customer’s online user is considered as the buyer.

  1. The sale of goods is based on the type and amount that the buyer has entered in the online store of Goshta Sanat Mashhad.
  2. When confirming the order of the goods, the seller determines the specifications and time of sending the goods according to the criteria and times specified for the construction and presentation of the device determined by Goshta Sanat Mashhad and informs the buyer.
  3. The value of the goods or goods ordered will be calculated according to the price list of the site and will include all taxes and sales duties. The only amount that in some cases is added to the value of the goods is the shipping and insurance cost of the goods.
  4. The place and time of delivery of the goods by the buyer are listed in the online store of Goshta Sanat Mashhad, and this store, as the seller, is committed to deliver the order in that place and time, observing the specific shipping policies. Lack of customer presence
  5. The designated place and time, the seller will apply the relevant specific policies.
  6. The cost of all parts and devices must be paid in cash by the bank’s active portal after the order is completed, so that the goods can be manufactured or sent.

C) Website rules and regulations regarding the conditions of transportation and delivery of goods:

Dear customer, while thanking you for your choice, please pay attention to the following points.

Sending orders in Greater Tehran and other cities except Mashhad from different postal methods will be done depending on the urgency of the need for the goods. (It is up to the buyer to choose the method of sending and paying for it)

  1. (Providing services in the city of Mashhad) All orders are shipped by the agency and the pickup truck, and the buyer’s driver can be present at the place to receive the goods. (Attendance at the place can be done by phone)
  2. Delivery time is less than the specified time for manufacturing and production of some products and parts between two to four working days after depositing funds and issuing invoices. (Official holidays will not be calculated)
  3. The place of delivery of the goods is the address that you, dear customer, enter during the order registration on the website. This address will be entered on all shipments and the change of address after delivery of the cargo to Tipax cannot be changed in any way.
  4. The delivery time of the purchased goods will be depending on the time of the postman’s presence at your place. Unfortunately, Goshta Sanat Mashhad online store has no control over the delivery time of your shipments and can only include your offer along with the address of the delivery place.

D) Terms and conditions of after-sales service of goods

A) Return of goods (right of cancellation)

1_Before the commencement of the manufacture of goods or shipment of goods: Due to the fact that the goods are ready to be manufactured or shipped immediately after ordering, only one hour after ordering the customer can cancel the purchase and return the amount paid. It should be noted that if you start making or sending goods by post, it will not be possible for the buyer to cancel and return the money. In case of cancellation of receipt of the goods after the settlement and before sending or starting the construction of the goods, the acceptable cancellation and the total amount will be refunded to the buyer’s bank account.

B) Guarantee

2_The term of warranty and after-sales service of all goods offered on the site is different for each product and is listed next to the price of these goods (if the items mentioned in this section are not included, there is no guarantee for that product) if the purchased product has If the warranty is technically defective, the buyer must provide the goods and receive after-sales service from the warranty company in accordance with the terms of the warranty card.